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Sharable Content

Create Shareable Content That Will Increase Your Site Traffic

Shareable content makes your audience want to interact and create discussion about an idea, brand, or other interesting topic. This can range from funny videos and inspirational quotes that you want to share with your friends, to serious current events or helpful, problem solving tips. If you are giving your audience a purpose and helping…

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American Legion

Website Launch: Morehead City’s American Legion Post 46

We had the pleasure of creating a brand new well-designed, SEO-friendly, and mobile-responsive website for American Legion Post 46 in Morehead City. The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 and is the largest veteran’s organization in the world. It consists of 55 Departments, which include the 50 United States, the District of Columbia,…

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How Real Estate Agents Can Be More Attractive

Have you ever noticed that real estate agents are usually good looking? Working with real estate marketers is fun. Their job is to promote our lovely area while showing people the best places to live on the Crystal Coast. Studies show it helps to be pretty and real estate agents know a great photo on their card…

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Local Pizza Place Ready to Conquer the Digital Marketing World

Spoiler alert! Be prepared to get hungry when you view the website we recently created for Big Apple Pizza. Not only does it showcase their delicious menu but it also makes coupons available for their customers. Now it’s easy for you to order and shop local further satisfying those craving quickly. Bellagurl is proud to work with…

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Marketing the Matters: Update on our Initiative to Help Non-Profits

We’ve started off 2014 by giving back, as we launched the first of our non-profit websites for our Marketing that Matters initiative. Through this initiative, we assisted North Carolina non-profits to increase their presence in their communities by providing great marketing resources, such as a new websites and social media training. To date, Bellagurl has helped The Sneads…

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Website Owners: WordPress and Drupal Virus Attack!

Warning to both WordPress and Drupal software users, update your software as soon as possible to decrease your vulnerability against a viral XML Quadratic Blowup Attack. This virus has the ability to take down a whole website or server. According to the World Wide Web Consortium latest statistics WordPress alone operates 23% of the web!…

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What is a Buyer’s Persona and How Does it affect your Website Content?

A buyer’s persona is your organization’s ideal customer. In order to customize your website content and have a successful marketing strategy, it’s important to know who your buyers are. Inbound marketing is centered around the customer: understanding what they want and creating content to fit their needs. So, who are your customers? What are their needs? How do you…

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