Email Marketing

If email marketing hasn’t been a priority for your business then you should consider all of the low-cost, high-impact results that it can provide to your inbound marketing plan. It’s been said that in today’s busy world that getting someone to give you their email address is like paying them $10 to do so. Why? Because people are being careful of flooding their inboxes with mail they don’t want. So, consider it a privilege when you get a customer or potential customer’s email because they want to hear from you. Yes, we said that. If you voluntarily get their email, then they would like to hear from you about offers, discounts, industry education, and more. Don’t be scared to email them. Often times we get blowback from businesses because they are worried about bothering their customers with emails. Believe us when telling you that customers can unsubscribe if their needs have changed and that’s okay too because that means your team can market to those who really want to hear from you, which saves you time and money!

Email marketing allows you to build strong relationships with your customer and maybe show your authority in your industry by educating them. They are also great ways to spark sales and lead a customer through your sale funnel process. BG Digital Group has trained experts who know how to write great copy that sells and can draft up email campaigns that bring results.

We can create lead generators for your website that load customers in a sales funnel campaign and deliver results. We also code our emails so your analytics will show what parts of your emails are delivering website visits. Then, wash, rinse and repeat. You can send emails daily, weekly, or monthly. It all depends on your ability to create content that is worthy of sending out to your customer base.

If you would like to see how BG Digital Group can turn your customer inquiries into sales conversions, shoot us an email (see what we did there?). We would love to help your company use email marketing to grow its profits.