How to ensure your emails land in your reader’s inbox

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Making your email the one your subscribers will open can feel like an increasingly difficult task these days. Most people are bombarded with emails from companies all day long, and many of those emails sit unread or worse, sent to spam.

How do you make sure your emails don’t suffer the same fate?

Let’s walk through a list of pointers that can help you ensure your emails land successfully in your subscriber’s inbox.

  • Welcome email – Make sure you set up an automated welcome email that will be sent to every new subscriber. This email welcomes someone to your email list, letting them know more about your brand and what is to come.
  • Encourage replies – Add a question to your welcome email that asks your subscriber to send a quick reply. For example, you might ask them why they joined your email list or what they’re hoping to learn. When your subscriber replies to this email, the engagement will help your future emails to land in their inbox.
  • SPF / DKIM – These are a little more technical. Each email provider will ask you to set up SPF and DKIM records to improve the deliverability of your emails. These records add credibility to your business and help email servers see that your emails are genuine.
  • Be consistent – It’s important to be consistent with your emails. If you choose to send a weekly or monthly email, make sure you keep sending them. Taking a long break or being very infrequent with the emails you send can harm your deliverability.
  • Avoid trigger words – There are certain words or phrases that can hurt your emails and make it more likely that they are filtered into a spam folder. Try to avoid exaggerated claims, unnecessary urgency or words that could be deemed unethical. ActiveCampaign has a great blog post covering some examples here –

It’s been proven that email marketing is a great way to stay top of mind to your customers, even if they don’t read your emails but just simply see that you sent one. If your business needs help writing sales emails, let us know. We have experience writing emails that get noticed!