5 Perfect Examples of Great 404 Pages

A custom 404 error page is more than just a fun image. It helps to explain to your visitors what happened and where they can go from there. They are designed to keep your visitor engaged so that they are encouraged to stay on your website, despite hitting a “dead end.”

Many businesses use the standard white screen with a big 404 error message – BLAH! Not only is the visitor disappointed that they aren’t going to see your compelling content but you have missed another opportunity to WOW them.

When you have a custom 404 page, you’re creating an opportunity to turn your visitors’ experience from negative to positive. The beauty of a custom 404 error page is that you can let your imagination run wild because there are no rules as to what your page should look like. 

Using humor in your custom 404 page is really popular too and another opportunity to share some of your brand messages. Use funny images or words to entertain and engage with your visitors. Here are five of the funniest customer 404 error pages and why they are so effective.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp’s donkey with his head in a hole looking for your page is cute and their message is nice directing the user to another page. The brand is on point matching similar styles of drawings found throughout their website too.

2. Bit.ly

Simple yet creative and interactive, link shortening service Bit.ly uses their 404 page to inform people what their shortened URLs include and that they only include letters and numbers, as well as offering people that land on the page a little made-up creature to play with as it bobs up and down every time you click on it with your mouse.

3. eHarmony

eHarmony’s page is clever using some “unavailable” wording that you might also find when searching for your next date. It’s also potentially lead-generating because it takes you back to the “Join Now” button.

4. Pixar

Landing on the wrong page can be quite frustrating, we know. For their 404 error page, Pixar uses a character from one of their movies to reassure viewers that “It’s just a 404 error!” and that there’s no need to cry. Very fun and creative, perfectly aligned with what Pixar is all about.

5. Adobe

Adobe shocks us with a mind-bending image and gives us thrills as we see we’ve reached the wrong page. But don’t worry about floating off a cliff, you can head to the home page or start a search for something else.

If you need help developing your next website with a custom 404 page, send us a quick message. We can put our heads together to find something that fits your brand and your style of humor. In the meantime, check out our 404 error page