What Is StoryBrand and How Can It Help Your Business?

StoryBrand Guide

Most businesses think they are delivering clear messaging about what they offer and how they improve the lives of their customers. Most businesses also suffer from the “curse of knowledge.” That means they have spent so much time in their business or industry and are so familiar with it that they don’t realize others may have no idea what they do or why they should do business with them. Sometimes their website isn’t clear about what they offer or maybe their commercials could be easier to understand. There is actually a science behind how the brain receives information and, when relating to a business’ marketing message, one must remember these five words: If you confuse, you’ll lose.

For those unfamiliar with StoryBrand, it’s a process that helps clarify a business’ marketing message through simple storytelling. The StoryBrand model knows that the best way to compel a human brain is to use the power of story. The average person spends 30% of their time daydreaming unless they are engaged in a story. With people being bombarded by about 3,000 advertising messages daily, it’s more important than ever to ensure a brand’s message is engaging enough to break through the noise. StoryBrand uses a 7-part framework that acts as a filter to help make a business’ messaging clear so it’s easy for customers to become engaged. In fact, they want to become engaged. Donald Miller, the creator of StoryBrand and author of the book, Building a StoryBrand, has figured out the story formula and turned it into a marketing formula that has literally turned businesses around, thus increasing profits for many by three-fold. When businesses implement the StoryBrand formula into their messaging they see an increase in sales, leads and customer retention. Who wouldn’t want that? In fact, it even revolutionizes the business team because they can finally understand what the mission is and how the business helps its customers.

If you would like to learn more about StoryBrand and how it could benefit your business, schedule a quick call with Cheryl. She’s a huge fan. In fact, she’s an official StoryBrand Guide trained by Donald Miller himself on how to help clarify your business’ messaging. Schedule a meeting with her today so you can stop wasting time and money on marketing strategies that don’t work and begin turning prospects into profits!

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