How To Get The Best SEO Results For Your North Carolina Business

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SEO (search engine optimization) is a pretty big factor in how you rank in search engines. But how exactly do you maximize the benefits of SEO? You want the best SEO results for your business in eastern North Carolina, but finding out how to do that can be confusing. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there. It’s hard for a business owner to cut through the noise and narrow down the right factors to focus on.

That’s where we can help you. Below are some ways you can make changes to your website that will help you to get the best SEO results for your North Carolina business.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Use keywords effectively

Keywords help search engines to understand what your page is about. You should use your most important keyword for each page in the title, page URL, meta description and in the first 100 words of the page. Understand that keywords that are popular in your locality for your product or service will be competitive, so you’ll need to work harder on your SEO to rank. Here’s a blog we wrote recently explaining “buying keywords.”

Improve your website speed

Your website should ideally load in 1 second or less. Ensure you’re using high-quality hosting, as it’s an industry where you tend to get what you pay for. Set up caching on your website and optimize the delivery of your content so that everything loads as quickly as possible for your users. See our blog post on enhancing your website speed too!

Create great content

Instead of creating lots of small content pieces, focus on fewer pieces of great content that can attract the attention of your ideal customer. Longer-form blog posts are ideal for this, with posts being at least 1,000 words in length.

Update existing content

For any pages or blog posts that are older than 12 months, consider updating the content and ensuring that it’s still relevant today. Search engines love updated content, so keep adding to pages over time wherever possible.

Review your analytics

Reviewing your analytics regularly will help you to see which content is performing well on your website, as well as areas that could be improved. If you find pages that aren’t getting many visits or that visitors are leaving quickly, analyze them and look for things you can improve.

Encourage users to stay

The best way to encourage people to stay on your website is to deliver interesting and valuable content. Make sure your content is easy to read. Break up large sections of text with headings, sub-headings, images, and video. The easier your content is to consume, the longer people stay on your website.

Invest in expert help

To get the best assistance with your SEO, consider turning to an SEO expert. They’ll be able to work directly on your website, using years of experience to help you bring more visitors which will, in turn, generate more leads and sales. 

We help many clients with their SEO and help them work on ranking with some pretty competitive keywords. Schedule a call today to see how we can help your company rank higher online.