Blog Writing

Did you know that the #1 search result in Google gets 33% of the search traffic? In fact, that page 1 search engine listing results in 92% of all traffic, which drops off by 95% when you check out page 2 of Google.

Blog writing is necessary for ranking in today’s Google search driven world. In fact, we recommend blog writing solely for search engine optimization purposes. It allows you to expand your keyword targeting and help your company get found online organically. Blog writing also is a great way to help your business’ social media and email marketing efforts because you can link back to blogs and share through those mediums boosting daily inbound marketing campaigns. In addition to providing great SEO, blogs establish authority in your industry allowing your organization to share your expertise with the masses. Forget sending out press releases to media outlets in the hopes that they will share, you can simply post on your own website to inform the world.

Online searches are extremely competitive and if you want to outrank others then your business needs to develop a keyword strategy. When thinking of keywords to use don’t just focus on one or two words but entire phrases called longtail keywords. How often should a company blog? As much as you can if you can provide relevant content that applies to what your customers need or want.

BG Digital Group has excellent blog writers and we receive feedback from many of our client partners that blogs overtime have led to increased rankings on Google searches, increased website visits, higher inquiries and higher sales. If you would like to talk to our team about helping you develop a blogging strategy, contact us today. Writing great keyword rich copy is one of the services we love best!