How To Increase The Time Visitors Spend On Your Website

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on creating a website for your business but what if people get to your website but only spend just a few seconds on it without completing a lead form or contacting you? That’s a wasted opportunity to gain a new customer. 

When someone lands on your website you have a short amount of time to capture their interest – seconds! The best way to do that is to show them how you’ll solve their problems. Most people are looking for better ways to live, buy a product, streamline their lives or save time and money. Your website needs to share quickly how you’ll help and get them to explore your website to learn more about your offerings.

So how do you keep a visitor on your website for longer than a few seconds?

  • Put your valuable content ‘above the fold’ – This means immediately addressing how you’ll solve their problems. When someone clicks through the search results, they’re seeking an answer. For example, they could be searching for help in training their dog and asking a question like, “How can I get my reactive dog calmer?” When they reach your website, the answer should be visible on the page without scrolling. We call this keeping the important items “above the fold” (as a throwback to the headlines of a newspaper being front and center to the reader). It reassures the visitor that they found the right place to help and get answers. Once you’ve captured their attention, they are more likely to scroll the rest of your content on the page or subpages. 
  • Use success images or videos – Visual content such as images or videos should continue to reassure your visitors that they can be successful using your product or service. The visuals add happiness and context to the message you are sharing and the visitor can perhaps see their problems being solved as well, just like those in your images. These images or videos can also deem your product or service more credible.
  • Use internal linking – (Addressing your reader) Make sure you link to your other pages and blog posts in your website content. When you’re sharing information about a subject, you will often have additional relevant information on your site. Using internal links in your content will help your reader to find further relevant or valuable content that they might be interested in.
  • Talk directly to your reader – If you want your reader to engage with your content, talk to them! Write content in a way that is friendly and how you would talk to a new customer. Try and replace the uses of “I” and “we” and instead use “you” to make your reader part of the story. 
  • Be relatable –  Show that you can relate to their needs, have a frequently asked questions page, share testimonials from customers that really loved their experience with you, and write your content in ways that are down to earth. If a website visitor feels that they can relate to you and that you have successfully worked with others like them, they’re more likely to stay on your website.

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