Cat Videos, ALS Ice Bucket Fails and Your Business Videos Can Go Viral

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Video campaigns promoted through social media are huge right now! We could completely spend all of our prime time viewing watching viral videos about crazy cats, laughing babies and ALS Ice Bucket Fails on Facebook. Now, that isn’t the best use of our time and I do not recommend watching these videos while at work but many businesses are realizing the benefits of quick, product-driven web videos, while promoting them through their social media channels. Below are four reasons why your business should be doing website videos:

1. Videos are a quick way to tell customers about a new product launch. Recently, we made a video showing the benefits of 4G Hotspots in the new Chevy models for Marine Chevrolet Cadillac in Jacksonville. It walks a customer through how to set up a hot spot on a Malibu while even talking about features and benefits.

2. Videos generate visuals for services that you offer that people do not think you offer. It’s tough to paint a picture about your service offerings but a video can quickly show customers exactly the type of service you envision. Mac Daddy’s in Cape Carteret hosts lots of events, both private and corporate, and wanted to let people know that they are a great place for weddings. Instead of just telling people that, they felt it necessary to paint a picture of what a wedding at Mac Daddy’s could look like. With a photographer showing some awesome wedding party shots and an actual wedding video from Mac Daddys, this marketing pieces shows off a great, out of the oridnary wedding venue right here on the Crystal Coast.

3. Videos can show your business’ fun sideMarine Chevrolet wanted to have fun announcing their car giveaway campaign with Chuys Jacksonville. What better way than through video? Here you can see this car dealership isn’t your typical dealership. They are fun and generous when working with our community!

4. Business can show their mission-oriented sideJohnson Family Dentistrywanted to share their love for our community by showing their heart for missions, both local and abroad. It’s tough to simply tell that story but showing the people they have helped and their emotions behind it is a very powerful way to connect with their patients.

If you would like to add videos to your social media campaigns and websites or see other videos we have designed, call Bellagurl. We make marketing that matters.

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