5 Great Examples of Storytelling Emails

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Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool for a business to use in their emails. When the brain hears or reads a story, it actually opens a loop that engages. Story is a way to grab their attention especially if you are a business owner who is continually solving problems for your customers.  When you use storytelling in your emails to share how you have helped customers, you can connect with potential customers on a deeper level, simultaneously engaging with them and building trust in your brand.

So how do you use storytelling in your emails?

We’re going to take a look at five ways to set up your story in the emails below. 

Subject Line / Pre-header

Make sure your subject line introduces your story and bonus points if the email also uses pre-header text. Hint to what the problem was that your potential customer had that you solved. Encourage the reader to click on the email in the subject using emotional words.


Ensure you have a hook in your story to pull your reader in. This is a great place to use raw emotions that make your reader feel like you understand their problem.  For example, explaining how your customer felt they had nowhere to turn, or they felt confused or frustrated with their problem before finding your business.


The best stories don’t take up an entire email. There’s a transition between the story and the value part of the email. This is where you tell the story of how your customer found your business. Then, explain how you jumped to action to help.

Valuable Content

After your transition, show in your email how the problem was solved and how the person felt after their problem was solved. Tell them after you jumped to provide a resolution, explain that the person felt relieved, stopped wasting time and money, or found the perfect product of their dreams within their budget.

Call To Action

Finally, ensure you have a call to action in the email. This could be a link to a sales page, blog post, podcast episode or something else that will lead the customer to a sale or booking a meeting. Typically this link will be related to great content, and the story will have given it some valuable context. Some examples of CTAs are Buy Now, Book A Consult, Get Your Free Audit, Sign Up Today, etc.

If you would like help sharing all of the problem-solving stories about how your business has assisted others, we can help! Let’s set up a time to talk and discuss your next steps to connecting with more people like those you have already helped.