How to Market Your Green Initiative

Green Initiative

Today, it is becoming increasingly more popular for businesses to start a green initiative. Consumers are becoming more aware and conscious of their effect on the planet and want to do something to make a difference. A preference for doing business with eco-conscious companies is rising, making it important for companies that go green to advertise that. Marketing a green initiative is critical for business because making their eco-friendly efforts known will inevitably attract like-minded people. When it comes to marketing a business as “green” or “eco-friendly”, however, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Medium – Rather than using traditional platforms like TV and radio, use a medium that allows and encourages conversation like social media. Businesses should engage with consumers to thoroughly communicate their dedication to “going green” and be open to answering any questions people may have.

Market – A business’ target market could be mixed, and in this case, don’t be afraid to divide and conquer. Work to know what is important to the different divisions of the audience and market to them directly.

Honesty – Honesty is key when marketing a business as “green”. Consumers will have questions about the processes and specifics to the green initiative and it is important not to mislead. The idea is to explain why going green makes the business better. Does this initiative provide quality and efficiency? How does it add value for the customer?

There is no need to market green initiatives separately; use the same ad space. Going green should change a business throughout and every piece of marketing should promote the new initiative. Green companies should not market their initiatives separate from their “regular” marketing, but as a whole. Consumers that care, the ideal consumers, want to work with businesses that care always, not just when “going green” is trendy. This concept is rooted in authentic brand identities.

At BG Digital, we can help businesses develop voices by creating a brand identity and thoroughly managing it. Likewise, we help businesses find the perfect medium for their customer base and opportunity for growth. Contact us today to start your new inbound marketing campaign.

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