July Happenings

July Happening

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the digital space is constantly changing. A few months ago we wrote our March Happenings blog wrapping up industry news for the month and today we’re back with more!

July Happening

1) #BringBackNashville

After ABC announced that it had cancelled its hit drama series, Nashville, fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment. The hashtag #bringbacknashville began trending as fans, the cast and crew, and even the production company, Lionsgate, shared their thoughts about the cancellation. After about a month of loyal fans tweeting intermittently, CMT announced that the network, in partnership with Hulu, will bring the show back.

2) YouTube announces exciting new features at VidCon

This year at VidCon (a convention gathering 25,000+ online video creators, social influencers, and fans together) YouTube announced new features coming to the platform including mobile live streaming, more original series, and greater integration (and innovation) for virtual reality. It will be interesting to see how creators, advertisers, and viewers use these features.

3) #NoBillNoBreak

Unleashing the power of social media, the House Democrats began live streaming their sit-in protesting for gun control. After cameras were shut off, members of congress took out their phones and began to stream live video from their phones via Facebook Live and Periscope. It was interesting to see leaders of our country use social media in this manner.

4) Snapchat surpasses Twitter in Daily Users

At only 4 years old, Snapchat is officially the top-dog social media. Snapchat boasts a whopping 150 million daily users, surpassing Twitter’s latest report by 10 million. Though all social media is based in easily communicating, Snapchat makes communication fun with filters, a challenge with snapstreaks, and interactive with Live Stories.

5) B2B Marketing and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology has been on the rise in recent years from simulations in sci-fi movies to the mainstream production. When people first think of VR they immediately think of video games, but recent studies show that there is a place for VR in B2B markets with everything from training, to customer service, and meetings.

At BG Digital Group, we work hard to stay up to date on the happenings in advertising and digital media. It’s exciting to learn more and discover how we can help your business make the most of these changes and we look forward to sharing more news with you in the future.

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