Advertising In the Digital Age: Snapchat

Wish you could successfully advertise your business in a snap? Advertising is an essential piece of any business plan, and in the digital age, there are thousands of methods to advertise. This being said, in the last decade, social media has surged in popularity, bringing successful advertising straight to the client’s hands. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have been at the forefront of social media advertising, but far more recently, a new platform has come into the consumer spotlight: Snapchat.


Snapchat is one of the first real-time social media tools to hit the digital marketplace, and it has exploded in popularity for a variety of audiences. Sixty percent of U.S. smartphone users, aged 13 to 34, are avid, daily snapchatters. Celebrities, businesses, and brands are constantly using Snapchat as a platform for wide-range exposure, and a typical Snapchat user can use the app to watch ever changing live feeds for popular events both around the world and in their community. Over 8 billion updates are viewed every single day by Snapchat users which is eight times more per than television advertising.

Now considering the enormous reach of Snapchat, how do businesses integrate this into their plans, especially for the upcoming tourist season? For event and location advertising, a Geo-filter is a great tool for engaging an audience directly and attracting an even larger audience to it. Geo-filters are available for reasonable purchase through Snapchat, and all you need to do is create a tag graphic and specify a location and time of use.

Not only can you use your own consumers as a tool for promotion, but you can also promote your business’ brand and communicate with consumers in real-time. Before and during an event, you can make a temporary (or long-term) Snapchat account to document every detail of your event and further create and promote your brand. Businesses and bloggers are using Snapchat more than ever to reach the millennial audience and create a relationship with their consumer. Snapchat’s live video feed promotes a “here and now” mentality. Since the updates are up for a short amount of time, the sense of urgency in the consumer increases, driving consumers more quickly and efficiently to your product, brand, or event.

Direct, live-video advertising is becoming one of the easiest and most effective ways for reaching a specific target audience. At BG Digital, we always move with the most cutting-edge technology, and have developed an interest and familiarity with Snapchat. We can give you the tools and ideas you need to launch your new real-time ad campaign, or integrate a Snapchat into event details, making advertising campaigns this summer a snap!

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