Using Social Media Marketing to Promote Beaufort Wine & Food


Beaufort Wine and Food Festival is a spectacular event that brings the Crystal Coast community together for a sensational weekend full of receptions, dinners, tastings, and other culinary events.


BG Digital Group teamed up with Beaufort Wine and Food to ensure that the festival’s digital presence and marketing content captured the attention of the local community and nearby tourists.

In order to create an engaging customer experience, BG Digital Group helped to optimize the social media-search engine in order to ensure easy access to important ticket and schedule information.

Facebook reachThis helped to drive traffic to the website for an increase in page views of 119%. Using the correct marketing tools, BG Digital Group also provided frequent blog posts on behalf of the company to administer an inside look for viewers to feel engaged with what to expect at the event.

The marketing strategy that BG Digital group implemented leading up to the festival was incredibly successful. Facebook followers increased by 371 fans and the daily reach increased by over 30%, which provided information about important details to an average of 865 people every day. Twitter profile views increased by 168%, and impressions by 128%. In addition, BG Digital Group used Instagram to their advantage in order to cover live event marketing that captured the enticing and delicious selections of wine, cocktails, and food.

The increase in viewer response and the success of the event proved why social media marketing is such a powerful and influential tool when it comes to promoting one’s business. Contact us today to learn more about how BG Digital Group can help your business with social media and live event coverage.

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