There’s No "I" in Team or Event: Why You Need Event Marketing & Management Services from Bellagurl

North Carolina Seafood Festival

Almost every business or organization hosts events and while some have really great attendance, some are lacking the enthusiasm that was advertised. Most business owners are under the assumption that, “If I host it, they will come.” However, we know that isn’t always the case. Chances are you’ve been to one of those events where you actually felt sorry for the business owner because they had a party and no one showed up. It all comes down to not understanding the many components needed for a successful event-an event that will get people talking and walking through your business’ doors.

For the past several years, the staff of Bellagurl have worked with the North Carolina Seafood Festival to assist in their marketing, advertising and social media management. The festival is beginning their 28th year and our team has been working with them throughout the year in planning for the big weekend.

North Carolina Seafood FestivalWe are excited to say that 2013 was a record breaking year for the festival with an overall double digit percentage increase in sales for this three day event. Of course many things play into its success, like the awesome volunteers who make up the board of directors, the perfect sunny weather and the wonderful sponsors who invested into a wonderful cause. One thing cannot be overlooked into the success of this event and that was the cohesiveness of their marketing and advertising plan for 2013.

Returning this year with fresh ideas, a new ad campaign and new look, Bellagurl has worked tirelessly with the festival to ensure that the messaging continues to be positive and expansive. Prior to the event, our team has designed an advertising campaign that encourages attendance with the anticipation of being part of something wonderful. During the event, our will team meet with reporters assisting them in developing stories about the event and post non-stop on social media to encourage fan participation, further building on those relationships with attendees, creating the family traditions of returning every year. This year, we even developed an idea of the North Carolina Seafood Festival’s mascot, SasSea completing her “To Do List” to get ready for the big weekend. Follow her here on Facebook for updates on SasSea’s list completion.

This isn’t something we have only done once with great success. Our track record proves our dedication to our clients like Marine Chevrolet CadillacThe Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament and the Outer Banks Wedding Association. From a concert at a car dealership, to managing a bridal expo or even assisting a local medspa with their annual event, Bellagurl is experienced in gaining increased sales and favorable public perception for your business. A great event takes the help of many to execute and the right marketing team is needed to ensure that your coverage is widespread and positive. Thank you to the North Carolina Seafood Festival for allowing Bellagurl the opportunity to work with your fabulous team. If your business needs assistance in event marketing and event management, call us today. We would love to make you the talk of the town through marketing that matters.

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