How Businesses Can Utilize Instagram TV

businesses utilize Instagram TV

Instagram has now reached 1 billion users and is the third largest social media platform behind Facebook and YouTube. Recently, CEO Kevin Systrom announced that the popular site would be releasing Instagram TV, a feature that can let users of the app create even more content.

IGTV allows users to post videos up to an hour long for their followers. Videos posted on IGTV will be vertical, taking up the whole screen of a smartphone, much like Instagram stories. In this new platform, the users are the channels, and viewers will be able to see not only videos of those they follow, but also videos on popular or trending pages.

Much like with stories on Instagram, IGTV provides businesses with the ability to increase engagement with their followers. Longer, permanent videos allow users of the app to expand their reach and impact without being as limited to length and content.

With more flexibility and time to be creative in making quality content, there are various ways businesses can utilize this new platform to promote their products or services.

Product Demonstrations/Training

Product demonstrations and training videos can be an excellent way to show your followers what you want to promote. This allows your current, and prospective customers to better engage with your product or service and ultimately further engage with your company. IGTV will let viewers pause, rewind, and come back to your videos so they can watch them on their own time.


With IGTV, businesses will be able to make introductory videos for their followers. Video introductions allow you to tell your customers who you are, what you do, and what they can expect from you and your business. These videos let you connect with your customers on a personal level and build their loyalty to your business.


It is important to make sure people are informed about your business and what you are offering. Both long-time and potential customers may be curious about new products or services that your business is promoting. The IGTV platform is a great way to provide Q&A videos that can answer anything your followers are curious about. Posting interviews on IGTV can equip your followers with knowledge from leaders in your organization. Videos featuring Q&As and interviews can be valuable to your followers if they feature useful, relevant information.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes video content can be a fun way to show everyone what goes on during a typical work day. You can showcase team members hard at work, any projects you may be working on, or even upcoming events and campaigns. When your followers see your behind the scenes content on Instagram TV, they can see the culture of your company and your dedication to meet the needs of your customers.

Instagram TV can be utilized by businesses to increase engagement and customer loyalty. Users can now add even more originality and creativity to their social media content through this feature with fewer limitations. Videos on IGTV should be entertaining, informative, and include a call-to-action that draws customers to your site. At BG Digital Group we are looking forward to using IGTV to create engaging, content rich videos that are valuable to our client partners. Call us today to get started!

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