The Essential Guide to Promoting Your Blog on Social Media

Blog following

Blog following

As blogging grows rapidly in popularity (there are over 450 million active blogs on the Internet, and that only counts those written in English), you might be wondering, should I have a blog? We say yes! That doesn’t mean you should quit your job and become a full time blogger, but it could do wonders for your business’ SEO.

The idea is to blog about common problems that your potential clients could be facing, using terms that they might be searching for, whether they come in the form of keywords or long-tail terms like “best medical practices in Eastern North Carolina.” Then roll in some information about how your products or services could potentially solve that problem and BOOM – you’re converting website visitors into loyal customers.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Here’s the hard part: getting people to find and read your blog. If your content is free of spam and contains the right keywords that your potential clients are looking for, you might come up pretty high in the search results. However, if you really want to amplify that content, you’re going to want to use social media. Here are our rules for getting your content seen on social:

  1. Think of 3 ways this information could be useful to your target audience. This way, when you post a link to your blog on social media, you won’t be saying the same thing on every platform. Finding new ways visitors could use this information adds new value to your products and services and will generate more clicks.
  2. Find delightful graphics. Posts with photos make up 87% of shares, according to the Social Media Examiner. Create original, eye grabbing graphics or pictures that align with the design of your website. And remember, if you plan on using Facebook advertising, your graphic can’t have more than 20% text.
  3. Don’t be afraid to repeat your content. As long as the information is still relevant and useful, you should be pushing your blog posts through social media more than once. After all, what are the chances that your entire target audience was online at the same time to see it? Change up the way you communicate your message on social (think: rule number one!) and if you can, use new graphics to keep the message fresh.

Each page of your website is only useful if people know how to find it and what to expect. Keep your blogging consistent and purposeful, remembering your target audience and delivering content that would have clear value to a potential client. Not sure where to begin? Social media management by BG Digital includes monthly blogging. Schedule a consultation to talk keywords, SEO, and boosting your following with social media.

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