How Does Instagram’s New "Buy Button" Affect Me?

Instagram's Buy Button

Instagram has been the fastest growing social media platform for quite some time, despite some pretty significant hurdles. The platform has always been focused on sharing visual content, not allowing clickable links in the description as a means of keeping people on the app, not clicking off of it. Eventually, users found a way around it by putting links to their outside content in their bio descriptions, but those days might just be over for most accounts. Please welcome Instagram’s newest baby, the buy button!

Instagram's Buy Button

Before you say, “Wait, isn’t this just Pinterest?” Let’s dissect what makes Instagram different as a platform.

  • Instagram is visually focused and allows users to look at one thing, one company, and one product at a time on the newsfeed.
  • As the platform evolved, it became a hub for pretty content. Instagram is known for sharing beautiful pictures, giving even products like apps the opportunity to have serious visual appeal.
  • There isn’t a character limit, allowing you to push out the most content at a time.

The only thing missing to make this platform have it all? Clickable links! Instagram is now poised to take over the world of social media, and here’s why this feature is way better than the old Pinterest.

  • This new feature allows one call-to-action is its most simple, sleek form. Think whitespace and serious visual aesthetic, two things millennials love.
  • It doesn’t have to say “buy now.” Some of the guinea pig companies who were the first to try out this new feature used “install now,” “shop now,” “sign up,” or “learn more.”
  • Unlike Pinterest, users can’t tamper with your links. Your call to action will always link back to the right landing page on your site.
  • Thanks to a boost from Facebook Analytics, Instagram will offer truly advanced targeting based on user demographics and interests.

As of right now, Instagram is only allowing advertising to a select few bigger brands while they work out the kinks and develop their own infrastructure (right now, they are heavily relying on their parent company, Facebook). So what can you do in the meantime? Develop a picture theme for your Instagram to create visual appeal, push out valuable content, and engage heavily to build a following that you can use for future demographics.

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