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Big Rock Fishing Tournament

Ever wonder what a social media manager does?  With over 2.3 million social media users in the world, the social media team at BG Digital Group works around the clock to reach as many of those as we can for our clients.  It is a tough job, but filled with dynamic experiences, events, and content.

Callie & Carrie

To give you a peek into what it takes to be a social media manager, we followed our team as they covered one of the biggest events of the year in Carteret County, the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament.

Here’s a day in the life of a social media manager:

4:30am: Meet at the office for last minute video shoot.

6am: Hit up the local greasy spoon. It’s time for breakfast and much-needed coffee.

8am: Head to the office, meet with the team and organize the social media plans for the week. It’s important to make lists and schedules for each client so that so no post goes un-posted and everything is set for the big day ahead. Planning is key!

8:15am: Start in on 2nd cup of coffee for the day. Coffee is essential to recover from this event’s late nights and early mornings.

9am: Attend weekly client meeting to deliver analytics, updates and the week’s social media strategy.

11am: Start posting, making calls, and interacting on social media networks. Creativity is key. We may be in event mode but it’s time to refocus and adjust to our mindset back to other clients. In addition to the daily posting and planning, we’re checking for updates on the daily offshore action, making sure we don’t miss a moment of the coverage.

1pm: A blue marlin has been boated! Time to head down to the weigh station at Big Rock Landing.

1:15pm: Pack the perfect social media bag with all the necessities: cameras, cell phones, mophie chargers, extra SD card, and client gear for giveaways and promotions. Grab a packet of crackers from the office snack bar (no time for lunch today) and head out the door.

2pm: Once down at Big Rock Landing, it’s go time! Using multiple devices, we post live feeds, Boomerang posts, pictures, and videos to create an eye-catching experience for our clients’ fans to increase their following. After all, new followers leads to more business!

3pm: Monitor the performance of posts for the day, making sure that everything is getting new and increased engagement. If not, it’s time to evaluate how we can improve our future posts. This is perhaps the most important, and difficult, part of the job.

5pm: It’s office-closing time, but not for our social media team. Though the day has ended for most, social media never sleeps, especially during an event.

8pm: Leave final weigh in, head home and prepare to do it all over again.

Being a social media manager is a fast-paced job, filled with exciting and unexpected twists and turns. According to Carrie, our social media director at BG Digital, “no two days are the same and you have to be able to be quick on your feet and adapt, which we thrive on.”

Our team is resilient, adaptive, and driven, all essential qualities in running multiple social media platforms. Digital advertising is our company’s forte, and we know just how to use it to bring your company’s exposure to the next level. For more information, check out our case studies highlighting how we served some of our clients in social media coverage on www.bgdigitalgroup.com. We would love to see what we can do to help your business grow and thrive.

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