How To Win B2B Hearts on Social Media

B2b Social Media

Content seems to be the ever-growing buzzword in the marketing world, bringing to mind hyperlapse cooking videos and kitschy Buzzfeed articles. Where does B2B content fit into the puzzle? How can content be created to attract and delight professionals rather than late night Facebook scrollers?

Know Where Your Audience Is.

TrackMaven is a competitive intelligence company that provides incredibly useful data, especially for B2B industries. In fact, this report on “12 months of content from 316 leading B2b brands on five key social networks” helped us understand how some of the best B2B marketers in the game channel their social media marketing energy.

In a portion of the report (which you can download here) analyzes the average size of the social media audience of different B2B industries, such as professional services, software, pharmaceuticals, and more. This tool will be so useful for deciding which social networks you should spend the most time and effort on in order to be competitive with other companies within your industry.

Ditch Your Sales Pitch

Helpful, interesting content should help demonstrate your business values and communicate your value proposition to potential customers. Your normal sales pitch may show every piece of value that your product or service has to offer, but content is about helping the customer, not talking yourself up.

In order to make an emotional, human connection, you’ll have to be more creative. Your content should be a direct reflection of your brand personality, offering interesting information that is unique and differentiating from other brands.

Budget for Targeting

In B2B, your end user is often a dangerously specific buyer persona. When pushing out your content to social media, how do you know that the key decision makers in your industry will find it?

Budget for social media advertising and a targeted like campaign. You may want to focus on facilities managers in industrial metros, for example. Be as specific as possible and tweak the criteria as you go to see what works for you.

In the world of B2B, Inbound Marketing reigns supreme. Ready to learn more about creating your inbound strategy? Download our free guide!

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