Designing Your Website to Wow Millennials

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It’s a crazy time for website redesign. With Google’s ever-changing algorithms and all of this buzz about “Mobilegeddon,” business owners are in a frenzy to update and optimize their websites to appeal to a picky younger generation and even pickier search engines. What are the latest features that you need to include in your website design?

  1. It’s all about typography. There are two different elements of typography you need to consider when redesigning your website: a unique font for your logo or page headers, and an easy-to-read font for your content. Take a look at this crisp, clean website. The logo font is easily identifiable and unique to the brand, while the page content is smooth and crisp.Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance Blog
  2. Scroll to Page Sections. This option gives you the opportunity to lead visitors to the content they’re looking for, while also making other content available that may interest them. You’re not leading them to an entirely different page, just a part of a page, opening the door to discovering more interesting material. We use this scroll to page feature on the main page of the BG Digital website. Click to interact with the feature.
  3. Make your images HUGE. Old websites were designed with tiny thumbnail pictures that you had to click on to enlarge. Now, millennials expect massive product images so they can see every detail on one page. Apple does a great job of incorporating this feature into their website. You can get an up-close look at every detail of their products, and read extensive information about the product features along the way, all on one clean page.iPhone6
  4. Have “viewability” on all devices. Your website should be just as easy to view and navigate on a desktop computer as it would be to view on a phone. Don’t know if your website is optimized for mobile? Take a look at this checklist to see where your website fits on the “viewability” scale.
  5. Whitespace. Minimalism. Clean design. When it comes to websites, people love simplicity. More whitespace on your website keeps the focus on the content, the “meat” of your website and the reason they’re there in the first place. Using a clean, flat design will generate more clicks and convert more visitors to leads.

Marketing to millennials means shifting your focus from traditional to digital marketing, incorporating clean design and SEO into your website, and using social media to amplify your content into the millennial world. What other design elements are important to incorporate into your website?

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