The Benefits of Full-Service Marketing

Parker Honda

Parker Honda of Morehead City, North Carolina, has many things to celebrate and reason to be proud – 70 years of comfortable car buying service, winning the prestigious President’s award for a total of nine years, and experiencing one of their best years in 2016. From website maintenance and email marketing, to social media and digital marketing, BG Digital Group is honored to have been a part of making this happen with our award-winning services. Parker Honda is one our many full-service clients in which we are privileged to manage their advertising needs. Each client is unique in their advertising musts and car dealership marketing is no exception.

BG Digital Group in Morehead City, North Carolina, is a full-service, award-winning, marketing firm servicing all business advertising needs for B2B, B2C, small and large, local and nationwide corporations. Our clients receive seamless, customer-oriented advertising strategies and services. Everyone is interested in saving money and therefore, sometimes may piece meal their marketing plan among advertisers, basing decisions solely on pricing. Hiring a full-service marketing firm delivers numerous benefits that, in the end, will save the client time, money, and undue stress. Here are a just few reasons to go with a full-service agency:

  1. All marketing materials and services work in tandem to optimize your overall appearance to your target market. With the vast differences in marketing concepts, a full-service agency will offer a fine-tuned, cohesive strategy. Parker Honda enjoys the benefits of this consistent foot-print by allowing BG Digital Group to take on their entire plan.
  2. Full-service agencies not only care about the SEO results of your business (which are of the utmost importance), but also public relations – delivering consistent, satisfactory customer service. You’re not just a number to us, we’re building a relationship.
  3. Digital marketing – this area of promotions is ever changing and ever growing. A full-service agency stays up-to-date on all of this, allowing you to focus on running your business. Parker Honda can focus more on their numbers, while giving us the reins to do what is best and at the forefront of today’s digital industry.
  4. Providing consistent, analytical reporting. There are many avenues of advertising (print, digital, media, etc.). Allowing one agency to handle all allows for reliable reporting across the board.

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