Own Your Business’ Reputation with a Public Relations Plan

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Are you in control of the way your business is perceived by the public? The most important thing about public relations is knowing your audience and understanding their actions and motives. In order to implement a successful public relations campaign, you have to follow the four key steps, also known as the R.O.P.E. process. Research, Objectives, Programming, Evaluation.

  1. Research 
    It’s an easy rule to follow – do your research. Gather information on your potential clients, and the problem (or potential problem) that they expect your products or services to solve. It is important to know exactly what you are or may be dealing with.
  2. Objectives
    What is your desired outcome? What are you trying to accomplish with this campaign? Whether it is a branding campaign or crisis communication, knowing your goals and objectives is key to staying in control of your reputation.
  3. Programming
    How are you accomplishing the objectives from the previous step? Do you have a media plan? What contacts do you have in place to help you push important information to your audience in the right place, at the right time? The programming step of the R.O.P.E. process is all about how you are implementing the program that you have created in the prior steps.
  4. Evaluation
    What worked? What didn’t work? The Evaluation step is necessary to figure out what needs to be fixed for future campaigns. A campaign is considered successful if all of the objectives are met.

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