So What’s the Deal with Facebook Live

Guy In Front Of Computer

In a time with DVR availability and Netflix subscriptions on the rise, video streaming is far removed from real-time viewing, but one social network has chosen to go against the current and rethink viewing habits.

Last summer, Facebook launched its Live feature, slowly introducing it with celebrity streams. More recently, though, Facebook has changed its focus to integrating Facebook Live into the full social experience it provides. Live is now running in more than 60 countries, with the ability to stream from any device, and reactions and a live comment stream make it more interactive for viewers.

Imagine scrolling through a Facebook feed and seeing a breaking news story or watching a playoff game while also commenting on your team. The possibilities are endless. Curious about how many people actually watch these live streams? Buzzfeed staffers streamed live on Facebook for 45 minutes and racked up 800,000 viewers and more than 300,000 comments. The content of the video? Staffers putting rubber bands around a watermelon until it exploded.

The ability to stream live video to Facebook creates new opportunities for every avenue, including brands. Fidji Simo, the director of product at Facebook, said, “The future of media will be about immersing people and putting them at the center…How do we make it so that people can interact?” He continued, “We’re focused on making broadcast more engaging and fun.” Many brands, including Chevrolet, Southwest Airlines, and Kate Spade, have already worked with Facebook Live to stream various content to viewers.

At BG Digital, we are working to create new, exciting ways our clients can capitalize on this new user experience to move forward in their branding. Advertising has been transitioning into a more authentic and engaging approach, and with Facebook Live we want to focus in on user experience. We are dedicated to working closely with brands to explore this avenue and grow.

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