March Happenings

Callie Garrett

Hello! I’m Callie and I’m excited to be working at BG Digital Group to help clients optimize social media platforms to better engage with their customers. Staying up to date on the changes in social media and digital marketing is crucial to a successful marketing strategy, and it’s important to me that I am always in-the-loop.

Callie Garrett

March was a pretty crazy month for the digital space. Odd posts went viral and major platforms changed a bit; there was a lot to keep up with. In case you aren’t up to date though, here are some things you may have missed this month:

  1. Google Ad Changes
    We wrote about this change and what it means for advertisers here, but basically, Google created more competition for advertising spots by taking away the right display ads.
  2. Dove partners with Twitter (again)
    Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign originally launched last year when they partnered with Twitter to reveal that 80% of the tweets women send about their body image and each other are negative and 72% of girls online have encountered negativity in this way. This year, the partnership has resulted in an awesome tool that measures your online output (how positive or negative you are and what times you generally post uplifting or discouraging content). Try it out for yourself by retweeting this tweet.
  3. #SadPapaw
    The Internet blew up when a grandfather’s wish for the family to get together fails and only one granddaughter shows up. A college student’s tweet about her lonely dinner with Papaw tugged on the heartstrings of America and quickly went viral, later resulting in a community-wide cookout that brought visitors from all over the world. Memes like this are important in advertising because if they’re relevant to your brand, you can jump on the trend and use it to your advantage to reach and relate to your audience.
  4. Twitter Turns 10!
    A milestone worth celebrating; it’s hard to believe that our little blue bird friend is 10 years old. It feels like yesterday that I was struggling to condense my many thoughts into 140 characters or less.
  5. Insta-Freakout 2016
    Unlike this post, Instagram will no longer be organized in chronological order. The upcoming change to the social platform caused a major uproar in the community. You can read more about the fiasco here.
  6. Instagram Enables 60-second Videos
    That’s right, you’ll now be able to post longer videos on Instagram which will likely result in great opportunities for ads and sponsorship deals amongst creators. Like the algorithmic feed mentioned above, this update is “rolling out” but will come available to the majority over the next couple of months.Mashable says that this “move is particularly interesting in that it moves away from the 10-second time limit popular in apps like Snapchat and inches Instagram closer to YouTube territory.”

At BG Digital Group, we work hard to stay up to date on the happenings in advertising and digital media. This industry is constantly changing and it’s exciting to learn more and discover how we can help your business make the most of these changes.

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