Why You Should Stop Freaking Out Over Instagram’s New Algorithm

Turn on notifications


About two weeks ago, we shared a post over on our Facebook page fromAdWeek.com about the upcoming Instagram update. In case you missed it, Instagram announced they would be switching their beloved chronological order of posts to a Facebook-esque algorithm that is designed to show “posts you’d be interested in”.
Turn on notifications

This week, celebrities and social media influencers alike are scrambling to post to the site pleading for their followers to turn on notifications so that they will be “pinged” every time they post.

Could you imagine getting notifications for every post? Even if you follow a modest 160 accounts on Instagram, your phone could ping 160-500 times a day. Yikes!

When you really crunch the numbers, would it be worth your while to bug your loyal following all day, begging for likes? After all, the new feed will sort posts based on what Instagram thinks a person wants to see, based on the accounts that they are the most actively engaged with. Think of it as purging your following – your most loyally engaged audience will see your posts ranked high on their feed. Your ghost followers won’t. Does that seem like a problem, or a solution?
Instagram AnnouncementWhether you’re a brand or a personal account on Instagram, here’s the verdict: Stop freaking out. This change isn’t coming immediately. The platform has publicly announced that they’re rolling out the new algorithm carefully over time to catch any bugs.

There isn’t a need to turn on notifications to see your favorite posts. If they’re really you’re favorite posts, the algorithm will detect that.

If you’re still concerned about your brand reaching your target audience, take advantage of your paid reach. Instagram’s advertising platform makes it easy to find new followers who could contribute to your most actively engaged audience. Don’t forget about your audience and their needs and continue to strive toward connection.

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