BG Digital Group Becomes A Google Partner

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BG Digital Group is happy to announce that we are an official Google Partner! We are incredibly proud of achieving this status in the advertising world. Becoming a Google Partner requires a lot of work and constant education; all in an effort to assure our clients are receiving the highest level of service. Not familiar with Google Partners? Here’s what you need to know.

Exemplifying Quality

Being a partner requires us to understand and utilize the AdWords best practices, maintain high performance and customer care, and continually be creative to meet the needs of our clients. Being a Google Partner means that we will provide you with the highest level of search engine advertising possible.

Managing Multiple Clients

Google wants to see that an agency can handle multiple clients and keep them happy over time, so Google partners are required to meet a minimum advertising budget in revenue. Google can see if your agency is losing big accounts after short periods of time, and that is all taken into consideration during the certification process. By being a Google Partner, you prove that you can manage accounts, manage budgets, and grow your client base, which is the ultimate goal for both Google and for us!

Why Work With a Google Partner?

Google offers exclusive benefits to their partners. At BG Digital Group, we are able to offer our clients:

  1. Beta features provided to Google Partners first – After Google had developed a new feature, its partners are able to test and use the feature before it becomes available to others. We often get the opportunity to test beta features up to a year in advance!
  2. A Google Account Strategist to assist on Adwords
  3. Continuing keyword and negative keyword development

Google Partners are experts in AdWords and know how to use them in a profitable manner for clients.

When thinking about hiring any agency, look to the Google Partnership as your insurance policy. We wear our Google Partner badge proudly; contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business and improve your marketing strategy.

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