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 As a top North Carolina digital marketing agency, BG Digital Group knows that besides creating a website with great SEO, sometimes your business needs to do a little more online marketing to ensure that people are finding you when they search for your services. Did you know that 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by online experiences? BG Digital Group is a top NC digital marketing agency based in Morehead City and understands inbound marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and how to drive traffic to your site with qualified shoppers through search ads using keywords.

Additionally, BG Digital Group can create top of mind awareness through display ads that can retarget based on a user’s online behavior and geographical location. We serve several industries from auto to health care and we are experts in Google, Bing and Yahoo. In fact, we’re a Google Partner agency, which means we have special experience in training to understand the fast paced changes that technology serves up and how that affects your ads. To learn more about what being Google Partner means, click here.

Not only does BG Digital Group create great written content for your website but we also create great video content. Digital marketers predict that the next big search is visual search. Wouldn’t you rather watch a quick video about a resort, restaurant, or business than read about all of the amenities? BG Digital Group can create weekly, monthly or quarterly videos for your business to help you rise in search rankings or share on social media. We can also create video campaigns to help launch your next big idea. We have the ability to film virtually anywhere your business takes you: land, sea or air. Plus, with affordable packages for all budget levels, now is the time to add video to your website and social media campaigns. Say hello to your new friend today and let BG Digital Group make marketing that matters for you.

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