Website Owners: WordPress and Drupal Virus Attack!

Warning to both WordPress and Drupal software users, update your software as soon as possible to decrease your vulnerability against a viral XML Quadratic Blowup Attack. This virus has the ability to take down a whole website or server. According to the World Wide Web Consortium latest statistics WordPress alone operates 23% of the web! The threat can inflict 100% CPU and RAM

usage and completely incapacitate your server. The bright side is that there is a very simple andeasy quick fix, which is to update your software immediately! The current versions of both WordPress and Drupal are the target. WordPress version 3.5 – 3.9, and Drupal version 6x to 7x which both work on a default installation are at risk. To read the full article about the virus attack, visit the original site here.

Bellagurl performs regular updates and maintenance on all our WordPress websites. To ensure our clients receive the best services we continuously maintain website security. In addition we also install plug-ins to deter hackers from compromising accounts. If you have any questions give Bellagurl a call and we will be glad to address your concerns. We make marketing that matters.

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