Digital Marketing: Helpful Hints to Master a Thriving Blog

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Blogging is one of the primary elements of a solid digital marketing strategy. It is a way to provide your consumers with the tools to make an informed purchasing decision. Although the success from blogging does not happen overnight, a company that blogs 15 times a month can generate 5 times more traffic to their website.

Bellagurl BloggingPreparing to write a daily blog may be a little bit intimidating, but after you get the hang of it, it will become a second nature. An important tip to remember is to keep it light and simple. You want the tone to be conversational as opposed to a lecture. Keeping the content informative is just as important. After all, that’s why people came to your blog in the first place! Be inspiring and entertaining. A stale blog is never a good blog. You have to keep the reader engaged so they’ll want to come back and read future posts. Blogging is a shortcut to increasing your web visibility. Each blog post that you publish is a new index page, which means increased avenues to direct traffic back to your site and social media.  First impressions are everything, so think of each blog as a potential first impression. Bring personality, but also be professional.

Another blogging tip is to always include something that the reader can take away. Whether it’s in the form of information or useful content, always include something the reader considers valuable. Customers are looking for ways to benefit from your blog, so content must relate to the reader’s needs or problem. Otherwise, they will just move on to another site.

Creating remarkable content for a blog also involves some creativity. Remember the bottom line of your blog is to share, to connect, to create and to inspire! With that said, combine creative writing with creative images, infographics and videos. Give the viewer a good taste of what they have been missing out on, and you’re sure to keep them coming back!

Here at Bellagurl, we make marketing that matters. Our award-winning team can cultivate an inbound marketing strategy to set your business up for blogging success! View our case studies and give us a call today for a free consultation.

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