3 Simple Rules to Keeping your Email Marketing Inbound


Some people may say that email marketing has lost its edge in comparison to other inbound marketing efforts. The truth is, this strategy will long outlive FacebookTwitter, and Instagram because it’s a direct form of communication. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, when email marketing is implemented properly it has an ROI of 4300% (yes, that says 4300 percent)! However, your email campaign’s success lies in the ability to create informative and effective content so your customers don’t relegate it to the dreaded spam folder.

Rule #1: Email marketing should add value, not ask for it. You always want to offer something with an email exchange. Blasting customers with unsolicited emails can turn them off and your email can be marked as junk. Using emails to close and delight customers keeps the tool relevant to an inbound marketing strategy. The trick is to use a call-to-action and/or landing page followed by a thank you email. Once you retrieve their email information you can continue to delight them by offering updates every so often, or offer them the option of enrolling in your monthly newsletter.

Rule #2: Be sure to address the email to the recipient. If the letter addresses the customer specifically, it makes the email personal. You also want to include your personal information as well by adding your phone number, email, and your title within your organization, making it easier for the recipient to contact you directly. Customers enjoy knowing they have a point of contact should they need it. Let’s face it, no one likes to reply to an email while not knowing if their response has even been received.

Rule #3: Get to the point. Make emails short and sweet by focusing on the benefits and not just the features. Highlight what the customer is getting, not what you are offering to them. For example, a shopping network focuses on features to sell a large number of their products. They don’t want to just sell a shiny bracelet, they’re going to sell emotion by showcasing how great this bracelet will make you feel every time you put it on. Remember, it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you make people feel.  So be brief with your message and include images to enhance your content.

These three simple rules will keep you on track when implementing an inbound email marketing strategy. The key is to always direct the traffic back through your marketing channels via social media, website or email. Hence the word inbound, you want to attract and draw your customers in, not scare them away with generic one-size-fits-all campaigns.

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