Google’s Latest Advertising Layout Changes

Google's Change

Have you noticed a change in Google’s layout? We’re looking at what it all means for marketing, SEO, and how it can help your business.

Google's Change

While searching recently, you may have noticed a small change in your Google search results. While marketing professionals may take notice right away, the average user may not notice at all or may simply notice something seems different. Whatever category you fall into, you’re right; Google has confirmed a major change in its desktop layout that could actually have a significant affect on advertisers. Google has removed the familiar right ads and gained a fourth ad slot before the organic search results for “commercial queries.”

Commercial queries are searches that show intent for shopping; the examples Google uses are “car insurance” and “hotels in New York City.” It seems as though this fourth ad slot has been added not only to replace the missing eight slots from the right, but also to increase competition amongst advertisers. With this change, Google has introduced a new lesson in supply and demand. A smaller supply of ad space with a high demand from advertisers means much more bidding and possibly at a higher cost.

You may remember Cheryl’s blog about advertising for car dealerships where she discussed the importance of digital display ads. As important as it is to have these ads, it is equally important to not overreact to this change in display. Take time to understand exactly how this change affects your business and what you can do to stay visible.

The digital space is constantly changing and here at BG Digital Group, we are committed to confronting these changes head on and adapting our approach quickly. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the best results possible. Our marketing experts will help ease your mind about how these changes will impact your business and how you how they can be utilized for your benefit.

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