Instagram Will Dominate Social Media (and Other Facts About Digital)

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After hours spent covering the importance of digital marketing and visual searches, we were ready to hear where the experts think this industry, and its various platforms, will be headed in the next few years. Like any prediction, only time will tell, and there will be immediate believers and initial doubters. We want you to draw your own conclusions and decide which you believe and which you will have to wait and see about.

Scott Galloway of NYU and L2ThinkTank gave his predictions of the winners and losers in media and tech. We will admit to a bit of awkwardness when some of the brands he predicted to suffer were most likely in the room. His brand predictions were based on NYU data.

  • Instagram is growing faster than any other digital platform in the world (1.5% of the community, FB only 1.1%) makes it the most powerful platform in the world
  • Visual search is the next best thing (think #)
  • Twitter is overvalued
  • Advertisers: LinkedIn has more value than Twitter
  • Twitter is not a player in mobile
  • Pinterest: product roadmap is anemic, not an option and will decline and cease to be unless bought out by a larger entity.
  • Tumbler is an afterthought: worst opportunity.
  • Foursquare is done: walking dead!
  • Amazon and Apple spend most money on moving product. Amazon is building warehouses so 40% of products will be within 4 hours of purchasers in 4 years. This will be major in the next few years.
  • Apple will disrupt the luxury category.
  • Amazon is the best house in a crappy neighborhood; they need to go into Luxury, Apple’s industry. Luxury business is 10% in Europe
  • Future of retail: 74 people for a $10 million business, Amazon uses a fourth of the employees to move their product at the $10 million dollar level. Computer mechanization is taking people out of business.
  • Beauty brands stock market value correlates with digital intelligence of the companies. The higher their digital quality, the better they perform.
  • Trend on consolidation to spend advertising money: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram will make the cut and be the top platforms where advertisers spend money.

There are some interesting predictions there, right? Obviously, only time will tell as to which come to fruition. However, we need to be aware of these predictions and be prepared to adapt our marketing plans should they take place.

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