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Video marketing has become one of the greatest ways to generate an audience following, particularly on social media through video streaming services and commercial television. Video allows you to tell your business’ story in an engaging way. Video is easy to watch, enjoy, and share. As marketers, especially in social media, we are always following the analytics behind which posts perform the best between video, photos, and plain text. Below are three reasons why video outperforms most other types of posts.

Parker Honda March Offers from BG Digital Group on Vimeo.

Parker Honda April Offers from BG Digital Group on Vimeo.

1. Video Truly Engages an Audience
Video quickly grabs an audience’s attention because of the auditory and visual senses being used. Movement and noise triggers an audience’s attention. With video, since your audience is likely already going to be interested in the content, it’s important to showcase your business in a way that’s captivating, informative, and convincing. Trigger emotions and create a more authentic connection between you and your customer. Establishing and maintaining the connection between consumers and your business is one of the toughest things to do in advertising and marketing, but video offers a way to make it easy.

2. It’s Easy to Share and Be Viewed
Now that we’ve discussed establishing and maintaining a connection with your potential customers, what about the conversation that goes with the sharing of media? Video marketing, especially on social media, is the number-one form of media shared. Video sharing is easy, quick, fun, and intriguing, making it more appealing to be shared. In addition to video being an easy sharing option on social media, it’s also easy to be inserted into streaming media outlets, like Hulu, YouTube, and other online video streaming services. Think about it. How many times have you streamed something without having at least one advertisement being in the mix of what you’re watching? Rarely, if ever. Video advertising is easier than ever with digital streaming; it allows you to choose your audience, work under a budget, and control exactly how much and when your advertisements will air.

3. Don’t Forget About Commercial Advertising
Digital advertising, like social media and video streaming, is not the only way to gain wide audience exposure. Don’t forget about television and OTT advertising! People still love a good commercial, especially ones that are humorous, contain a good tagline, has great images and camera footage, and sell a great product. Though the younger generation may rely on digital streaming, according to the Pew Research Center, 57% of Americans still rely entirely on television news. Broken down into age groups, 45% of people aged 30-45, 72% of people aged 50-64, and 85% of people aged 65 and over all rely entirely on television news for their daily updates. Now, does that seem like a dead-end for advertising? Absolutely not, especially if your target audience lies between these age groups and your run your television commercials on the streaming sources out there too. It’s all about how you present your advertising. Good quality video and storylines perform the best, along with showcasing your product in the best way possible without losing authenticity. Using professional help to make your commercials is key to making the best ones possible. Having the right equipment, vision, and plan can really go a long way in the commercial advertising world.

At BG Digital Group, we produce commercials and videos that not only tell your businesses’ story, but also captivates an audience. We provide engaging scripts, and find great locations that are relevant with your product. Video production is something that can draw a personal reaction, and we love being able to create that connection between you and your customers.We can create short demos shared on social media, YouTube how-tos, commercials, or ads for a digital streaming service. Our team understands exactly what it takes to make a lasting and poignant video that will capture the audience you’ve been dying to reach! So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to get started!

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