Top 3 Things To Make Your Call-to-Action Get Results

Call-to-Action Get Results

Do you utilize call-to-actions? If your answer is no, you might already be utilizing them without knowing it. A call-to-action is the part of your marketing and advertising that attempts to make your audience click an ad, follow a link to learn more about your business, or sell a product or service from your ads. Including a call-to-action is the most direct form of communication that you can have with your audience in regard to convincing them to make a purchase, or at least explore further information that can produce a purchase. Call-to-actions may sound simple, but if they’re not utilized correctly, your ad performance could be seriously suffering. When making successful calls-to-action, it’s important to consider your industry, what makes a clear message, and what can help target the right audience. You don’t want to waste your time and money focusing on the wrong groups of people. Our team is composed of experts in both digital and traditional marketing, and with our experience, we know exactly what makes a great, successful call-to-action. Ready to change your call-to-action or start utilizing them the right way? Here’s a few tips on how to start:

Use Strong Language (not the Explicit Kind)
You want your call-to-actions to pop out to anyone who views your ad. Of course, a great ad makes it easier for the eyes to wander to a call-to-action but what about the language inside your call-to-action? Getting your call-to-action to be clicked is the goal, so what can make your links the most appealing and clickable? A great example of this is if your company is running a special, include that in the call-to-action like, “Buy now and get free shipping!” It’s urgent and the customer gets an extra perk out of the deal. If your company is not running a special, still continuing on the urgency theme can connect to people who may think twice before buying any sort of product or service. A good example of this would be, “Make your summer unforgettable with a new backyard!” Strong language with a sense of urgency or customer perk is sure to make that connection.

Give Your Audience a Reason to Click
Are you offering a service that requires more information from the customer or a free consultation? That’s great for an effective call-to-action! You can even offer free information for the visitor to download if they provide their name and email. Give your customers a reason to be intrigued, and while you’re doing it, you can get the essential information you need to add them to an email list or make a personal connection. This is a part of your value proposition as a business, which is important in all businesses but particularly in service-based businesses. With this type of call-to-action, you can convey that you’re willing to reach out and spend time showing the customer the value of what you’re trying to offer, all while getting information to further the connection between you and a potential lead.

Optimize Your Ads For Mobile Delivery
Browsing on a computer versus a phone are two very different viewpoints. We’re a Google Partner agency, so we can optimize your ads to set a mobile preference and make them appealing for all mobile users. This preference designates certain ads to appear only on mobile devices, allowing you to have more freedom with the variety of your ads. With this, you can generate phone calls, email collection, and mobile shopping. Since many mobile users only look at ads briefly throughout the day, making your mobile preference call-to-action appealing allows your users to shop anytime, anywhere. This “instant gratification” standpoint for advertising is more popular than ever for opening doors for instant sales and impressions.

Are you ready to revamp your advertising with engaging calls-to-action? Our team is experienced with call-to-actions and setting up conversions to measure your advertising success. Whether it’s at the end of written content, within Google display ads, utilized in social media, or optimized for a mobile device, let’s start boosting sales and making connections together. Call us today! (And that’s how a call-to-action is done right!)

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