SEO That Works Starts With Great Content

Great content for SEO

Finding the right website content can be challenging, especially when producing regular content for your business. Sometimes it’s easy to just say, “well, what else is there to be told about my industry?” Content tells a story and is so important when trying to boost your business’ SEO (search engine optimization). Building your audience and gaining new customers takes smart content production. To increase SEO, it’s important to consider important algorithms and success methods while considering the people who are reading your content. Content should successfully achieve two things: bring attention from potential customers and maintain a branded voice with the appropriate keywords, themes, phrases, and writing styles. Here’s a few ways to create meaningful content that will attract and entertain customers while keeping on track with SEO growth:

Remember and Consider Google’s Ranking Algorithm
Google’s ranking system for top-notch SEO seems extremely complex to many, but it’s broad breakdown is actually fairly simple. Google has components of its algorithm that act as simple considerations for you overall SEO. These components are as follows, listed from top to bottom in levels of importance:

  • Host Domain (loading speeds are heavily considered here)
  • Link popularity
  • Links connecting to other locations of the website within the copy
  • Keyword usage
  • Hosting data
  • Website traffic
  • Reader reactions and conversation

Clarifying exactly what Google is looking for in terms of content creation in combination with SEO helps to understand that Google’s algorithm isn’t geared towards generating personal profit within the company, but rather helping you make compelling, valuable content that truly reflects your brand, product, and service. Considering these components can help draw a map of how to achieve competitive, Google-friendly SEO.

Content Quality
What gauges content quality? Is it how grammatically correct your writing style is? What about how informative your content is? Or if your content is “never seen before”? Well, all of these things are true when it comes to writing quality content. Ensuring your content truly provides value and information regarding your products or services is essential when attempting to attract new readers and eventually new customers. Creating interesting content that’s informative and geared toward encouraging your readers to explore your website further is also your goal.

Keyword Usage and Research
If you know anything about SEO or have read our past blogs on it, you know how important keyword usage is to the boosting of your SEO ratings. Always do important research to identify which keywords are best to utilize in the subjects you’re describing, but also include consistent keywords that go along with your overall brand. These can be words that are often used to describe your products or services, words that have been used in other content, or more importantly, words that are used in your Google AdWords campaigns. Think about the language and potential wording that your customer could use to search for your business on Google. Typically, they’re not technical, but rather simple phrases that are being used to find a specific result. If you’re not getting results with your initial chosen keywords, it’s ok to play with your writing styles and see what works, whether that be engagement or noticeably enhanced SEO.

Keeping your content fresh and new can definitely be difficult, especially with so much content constantly being posted and published online. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, especially if you do the right research when it comes to keyword usage, quality content creation, and Google’s SEO component system.

Our Google certified and trained team at BG Digital Group knows exactly what it takes to produce great content for any business, especially in favor of Google’s SEO requirements. In fact, we’re a Google Partner for both Analytics, SEO and Adwords. If you’re struggling to find the time to create meaningful content or just wanting to take your marketing content to the next level, BG Digital Group will be there to help your marketing matter. Call us today to get started!

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