Top Five Reasons It May Be Time to Hire a Marketing Firm

Hire a marketing firm

While watching your business grow is great, it can be overwhelming. However, a stagnate or declining business is even more stressful, and at some point something must give. Marketing is key for continued growth; therefore, it should be a top priority for our business. However, when production, management, and quality control become overwhelming, often times marketing is the first area to suffer. While, hiring a marketing firm may seem expensive, it’s worth the investment to have it done right. The experts at Ad Age have repeatedly said hiring an external firm can reduce the likelihood of mistakes, and a botched reputation, which can spell death for your business.  Here are five reasons that it may be time to hire an advertising agency:

  1. Lack of Consistent Marketing While yes, you have a brand, promotional materials, a website, social media accounts, etc. how often are these being updated? Can’t remember? Maybe it’s time for a firm. We can handle daily posts, website updates, blogging, promotional materials, and so much more.


  1. No Time for Marketing Chances are you started your business because you wanted to be your own boss and have your own hours, not become your marketing director. Hiring a firm will give you less to worry about and more time to actually run your business.


  1. Your DIY Marketing Isn’t Working Whether you’re managing your own social media or making your own ads, if your business is stagnant, that means something isn’t working. There’s more to social media and marketing than you think. We have the training and knowledge to strategically devise and execute a marketing plan tailored to your needs.


  1. An In-House Marketer is Expensive According to Glassdoor, the average in-house marketing salary is around $120,000 not including benefits. You may not be ready to make that type of an investment. Hiring a firm is typically less expensive because of packages or products offered, and it’s easier to leverage more with less.


  1. You Might Need New Competencies Having an in-house marketer can be great, however many times one person can’t do everything. Sometimes, it’s important to have a second party to keep brand identity intact. For example, the Pepsi-Kendall ad fiasco in early 2017 was done by an in-house marketing team and was viewed as culturally insensitive by millions. According to Ad Age, an in-house team that did little research into outside factors that could influence the brand and participated in too much in groupthink was responsible for that ad

At BG Digital, we think outside the box when it comes to your business. No job is too big or too small for us to take on, and we can work with a variety of budgets or plans. Whether you’re looking for just social media management or a full-fledged marketing plan, we have it covered. Call us today to set up a meeting to discuss your options.


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