Social Media Marketing Versus Management: How to Build a Community Around Your Content

Social Media Marketing

Everywhere you look, someone new has the recipe for your perfect marketing strategy, and everyone loves to throw the word “content” around. It’s all about creating great content, they say. That’s awfully vague, isn’t it? It’s almost like saying all you need to become an inventor is a totally original, useful idea. That’s great in theory, but how are you going to get it done?

Social Media Marketing

Our social media gurus specialize in creating content, amongst many other things. It takes a lot of time, researching your ideal audience, hand-crafting spectacular SEO, staying on top of relevant topics, learning and relearning the rules of social media as they constantly change – and that’s only one part of their jobs. At BG Digital Group, we practice social media marketing, and social media management, two very different concepts.

Social Media Marketing for Business

For our brands, we help you define your target audience, the kinds of customers who will become loyal followers and eventually, promoters of your business. We create content, whether it’s the perfect Twitter Card to bring followers to a landing page on your website, or an interesting blog article that will help someone make a purchase decision, centered in a solid marketing strategy. We take every factor of search engine optimization into mind, tracking results and collecting analytics so you know what works for your business.

However, pushing out this content without community management is like shouting into the abyss. You’d be missing an opportunity to seal the deal with your potential customers by developing a personal relationship and sense of trust through social media.

Social Media Management

Think of social media management as your online customer service team, always on and waiting for the latest comment, like, or review. Keeping a close eye on your social media community could be the difference between letting a negative review sit at the top of your Facebook page and fixing the problem, creating a satisfied customer. Answering sales questions immediately for your audience creates a sense of urgency, encouraging followers to act now on limited time offers.

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Additionally, starting a conversation with your audience continues to build the relationship, creating a sense of attachment with your brand. If your community management responses to comments and questions feel automated or insincere, or if they come far too late, it could do more harm than good.

If you’re thinking, “This is all too much. I already have to run my business, so checking all my social media platforms constantly is the least of my worries,” then practice this mantra: quality over quantity. Pick only the platforms that you see having a great benefit to your business, and post great content when you can. When you’re ready to start building an engaged, loyal community of followers across social media, our social media marketers in North Carolinaare ready to help, whether you’re nearby or across the country.

Start here to get educated about what you can start doing to develop your own social media strategy: download our comprehensive guide to social prospecting. It’ll help you define your ideal customer and attract them through social media like a pro. You’re one step closer to creating incredible content and a strong community!

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