What makes an Eye-Catching Logo Design?

Homer Smith Docks & Marina

What separates the great logos from the not so great? That’s an age old question that graphic designers have been tackling, but at the end of the day, professionals agree that an eye-catching logo boils down to simplicity. When you have a brilliant idea for your small business, you may have hundreds of ideas in your head. That’s why it’s our graphic designer’s job to boil down and simplify.

Homer Smith Docks & Marina

Be unique. To start your design process, we research other businesses in your industry, not to draw inspiration, but to see which icons and symbols are being overused. Your logo should look fresh and new, not stale and overdone.

Herndon Chevrolet

Make sure it’s adaptable. The best logo designs translate well across all mediums. Simplicity of design allows the logo to translate the same message whether its blown up on a billboard or printed on a small shopping bag. If the logo loses detail as it gets small, it won’t translate well on smaller mediums, like shirts, bags, and hats.

Davis B&B

Be timeless. Eliminate any symbols and icons that could be perceived as trendy in a year’s time. Remember how chevron was all the rage a few years ago? Rather than constantly updating your logo to fit with the latest trends, we create a neutral, classic design with clean lines and simple elements.

Buglisi Eyecare

Know your company culture. You may have your heart set on a particular symbol – maybe an animal, a bow, a flower – but try asking an unbiased third person. When they think of that symbol, does it bring to mind an entirely different industry? You don’t want to be an organic food store with a logo that evokes feelings of a children’s clothing boutique. Sometimes, this means letting go of the design you thought you had your heart set on.

Above all, remember to give your graphic designer creative license. With our logo design services, you’ll see three different creative directions for your logo, and you may love one that you hadn’t originally considered. Keep an open mind and trust your professionals to create a crisp, eye-catching logo design that will amplify your brand.

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