Merry Marketing: Giving Back During the "Giving Season"

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During the season that has come to focus around getting, it’s important to remember giving is just as significant. We think that your local community would appreciate this mantra as well; even if they need to be reminded of it! In today’s society, community involvement is not only valued, it is now viewed as your company’s public relations. This is an aspect of your company’s marketing plan that you don’t want to overlook.

Companies that put an emphasis on community involvement set themselves apart from their competitors, and see many benefits as well- loyal customers and happier employees. According to a 2013 study by Cone Communications, 82 percent of US consumers consider a company’s involvement in their community when deciding where to shop.

That’s why when helping to plan our clients’ holiday marketing campaigns; we try to incorporate giving back to those in need. Whether it is supporting a local food bank, religious mission or children’s organization, your company should align itself with an organization that is in line with your business’ focus. Below is a list of four tips to take into consideration when planning your holiday campaign.

  1. Get your employees on board. Giving your employees an avenue to give back to their community during the Christmas season is an incredible way to boost morale and inspire the team. It could also be beneficial to ask for their input- they may have excellent ideas that you haven’t thought of yet!
  2. Get creative with your involvement. While giving monetarily to an organization is very noble, make your donation a little more interactive. You might be surprised at the participation level, just from the “hands-on” factor.
  3. Make it an annual event. What is a better way to encourage repeat business? When you make your community relations an annual occurrence, your customers will automatically relate this time of year with your company; think ‘top of mind awareness.’
  4. Let your customers know how you’re giving back. Once you’ve decided on a campaign, you have to let your prospects know! This means posting on your websitesocial media platforms and your traditional advertising. Clarity recently gathered data that showed 41% of Americans make purchases specifically because they’re related with a cause. If you tell them, they will come!

It is important to let your customers know how you’re giving back, so that they’re aware and in hopes of making their shopping decision easier for them. If your company needs help on how to implement your holiday marketing campaign, call Bellagurl. We make marketing that matters to you and your community!

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