Shark Feeding Frenzy Video at Cape Lookout Goes Viral

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A few of Bellagurl’s friends from One Harbor were participating in a retreat on Cape Lookout National Seashore one weekend in October and happened to be in the right place, at the right time.

They were able to observe a rare shark feeding frenzy on the beach shore with hundreds of sharks feeding and were lucky enough to catch it on video.

When they returned home, one of the guys posted it to Facebook to share with just a few friends. And the rest, was viral history for our little coastal town. Once they posted the video to YouTube the video really took off. The One Harbor team contacted Bellagurl for consulting on what to do with this video, as they knew it was a rare occurrence. Our team at Bellagurl was able to share the video with national media outlets such as CNN, Inside Edition and Reuters to name a few. The next day, One Harbor’s phones were ringing off the hook with news anchors and reporters wanting access to the video and their story to share on news programs and digital outlets.


It became clear that this video had the staying power of more than just a few days, so Bellagurl advised One Harbor to bring in the expertise of an international viral marketing agency, Storyful. Since the posting, the shark frenzy video has reached more than six million views and has been aired on multiple media channels, like Today Show, Inside Edition and Shark Week’s website! Additionally, with the help of the viral marketing agency, Storyful will continue to push out the video to other platforms and networks in order to maximize views.

If your business needs help getting your message out to the media, call Bellagurl. We can put the finishing touches on the story and connect you with national and international media outlets that best suit your company. We’re a top NC digital marketing agency that specializes in making marketing that matters for you!

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