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NC Seafood Festival: SasSea’s Marketing Success

Bellagurl has freshened up SasSea’s look and she is already making a big splash. Her debut has reached over 44,000 Facebook users in just two weeks! After the success of our North Carolina Seafood Festival campaign last year, we are delighted to once again engage with the thousands of loyal fans again this year. Our efforts to surpass last year’s success of a 70% increase in new visits to the official NCSF website are well on their way thanks to the fans and their help launching SasSea’s new look, sponsored by Belk and Estee Lauder. In addition to giveaways and contests, Bellagurl is also working diligently to keep followers up to date on scheduled events and musical performers through social media. We look forward to celebrating with old friends, and introducing new fans to the place where seafood and sea-fun meet!

The new SasSea from bellagurl on Vimeo.

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