Is Your Logo Effective for Your North Carolina Small Business?

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As a full-service, advertising and marketing agency in North Carolina, we have all of bases covered conveniently in one place for everything your business needs. Not only do we have a team full of expert marketing professionals, we also have a talented graphic designer in our lineup. Our art director, Susan Yates, has been with us for eleven years and truly is one of our greatest assets. Her creative mind is unmatched, and her designs are sure to impress.

Your company logo is one of the most important aspects of marketing besides a great website of course. Your logo is the first thing that customers and potential buyers see. Think of your logo as your business’ first impression. First impressions are a chance to get a general idea or feel for what something/someone is like and the same goes for your logo.

Major Logo No-Go’s
When deciding on the perfect logo for your company, it is important to be aware of and avoid these two common mistakes. One being deciding on a logo with an overly busy design. Logos should be simple, easy to look at, and able to understand at first glance what your business does. Keeping it clean and simple ensures your prospective customers are able to gather what your company is attempting to convey with its logo. Really busy logos are not easy to look at and put simply – just don’t work.

Secondly, a logo that looks unprofessional does not have the ability to convey a professional message about your business. This could include the inclusion of overused fonts and graphics included in your logo. When your logo took five minutes to make and was made in a generic word processing program, it becomes obvious to both the consumer and your competition. This could possibly give off the impression that the work of your company will be the equivalent to your logo – nothing special and the bare minimum.

The Process
Designing a logo should be tedious work and consist of a lot of back and forth collaboration between client and designer. Susan begins her creative process by first researching the company in order to make some initial design suggestions and to gather a ground understanding for the company. She then works with the client to narrow the basics down with about three colors and a basic design to start from. There will then be eight to ten designs created and sent to the client so that they can pick and choose which elements of different designs they like so that one cohesive design is produced. After much communication and editing, there will be a final draft logo sent to the client for approval.

Is your logo conveying the message of your company in a way that is an accurate representation of your business? Does your logo need some creative rehab? Call us today and let our NC Creative Agency help you make a logo that makes a great first impression. We would love to work with you and your company to create a logo that sends out a clear message for your company.

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