How to Find Success in Your Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday email marketing

Whether you’re debuting amazing Black Friday deals or making a big announcement about 2016, holiday email marketing has the power to make or break your year. That’s why it’s important to approach your next email newsletter with care. Follow our do’s and don’ts of Holiday Email Marketing to wow your readers, hit your sales goals on the head, and establish your business in the new year.

Holiday email marketing

1. Plan accordingly. Holiday shopping starts now, and doesn’t stop until the last minute, so if weekly emails are appropriate for your business, start building and scheduling right away.

2. Know how much is enough. If you send out emails monthly during the rest of the year, then weekly emails would be appropriate around the holidays, as long as you have valuable information to share with your audience. It’s not just about reminding your audience that you’re there. Make sure there is an offer in each email that makes it worth reading.

3. Find a way to stand out. Explore your own inbox to see what everyone else is doing, and do something else. A catchy headline and preview text provide a first impression, so make them count.

4. Show consistency across all channels. In both design and content, your audience should be able to find these deals on your website, social media, and in their inboxes to ensure that they see your content, no matter where they are. Opting for a web version of your email to share on all platforms will help make sharing seamless and simple.

5. Follow up. If you see that someone is clicking links and engaging with your emails, they are probably looking for more information. Follow up to catch them while you have the chance.

6. Change up your content so you don’t seem spammy. Each email should have something different to offer. While you’re at it, make sure you’re following SPAM laws. The last thing your want to do is abuse your contacts.

Happy Holidays form BG! If you’re starting from scratch, use our download on social prospecting to start building your email list. It’s free for you, and email marketing can be the most valuable point of contact for you and your potential clients. Make it count!

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