Talking Digital Advertising for Car Dealerships with Cheryl

Cheryl Pigott

When it comes to navigating the wild world of online advertising, it’s best to practice this age-old saying: do it right, or not at all. That’s why we’ve taken the past few years to make ourselves your experts on digital advertising for car dealerships, tackling every challenge from digital display ads to search retargeting.

Cheryl Pigott

I’m Cheryl, the President of BG Digital Group, and a lover of digital marketing. Let me let you in on a little secret: There are three steps to taking your car dealership’s marketing to the next level.

  1. Digital Display Advertising
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Superior Customer Service on Social Media

Why do car dealerships need digital advertising?

At BG Digital Group, we’ve created our own Search Powered Audiences solutions to perfectly identify and target those who not only are in-market to buy a vehicle, but are most likely to purchase specific brands, leading all the right potential customers to your dealership’s website.

How will digital display ads make the difference for my dealership?

BG Digital Group works with car dealerships in North Carolina and beyond to target car buyers as they are first forming opinions about the best dealerships to work with. Catching potential customers in these early stages is key. By understanding the behavior patterns and search intent signals of potential car buyers, we can retarget searchers to make sure your dealership consistently maintains top-of-mind awareness.

What kinds of digital marketing do car dealerships need to consider?

Ask me anything! I’d love to hear all of your questions about:

  • Prospecting and Retargeting
  • Personalized Retargeting
  • Competitive Conquesting
  • Category Conquesting

It’s all part of making your online ads work for you. Your online ads should be seen by the right people at the right time, offering important content to help potential car buyers make an informed decision. I’m proud to share that our results have been phenomenal in offering higher-than-average ad engagement, increased reach, and development of a new audience, all for a lower cost than any of our competitors.

Thanks for letting me share my digital marketing secrets with you! Are you ready to learn more about marketing your car dealership? Start by downloading this FREE guide on Inbound Marketing to see what BG Digital Group is all about, and we’ll shoot you an email to get started.

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