Carrie’s Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2016

Carrie Hammill

Welcome back! I’m Carrie, your social media manager from BG Digital Group, and I’m excited to announce that I can see into the future of social media for your business. There’s no question about it – social media is steadily headed in the direction of hyper-personalization. Don’t be discouraged. Your brand will survive the changes ahead, thanks to a few creative campaigns I’ll be planning this year.

Carrie Hammill

Messaging Platforms for Business

According to Ad Age, only 20% of millennials use broadcast social networks like Facebook to post photos and videos regularly. In 2016, messaging platforms will far surpass broadcast social networks. People want more control over what they see on their timelines, and the social shift towards private groups and more intimate conversations will do just that. Users are joining private Facebook groups to receive exclusive content, and using Twitter chats to hold more personal conversations.

Influencer Marketing

You can take advantage of long-term relationships with your most loyal customers, especially if they are great social media influencers. Think of it as a brand ambassador program, where your customers use their social media prowess to share real stories of your products.

Employee Advocacy

Think about it – your employees are the experts on your product or service, and their recognizable faces tend to be more trustworthy online than a faceless brand. More companies than ever are implementing employee advocacy programs, encouraging staff to share updates about the business on their own social media accounts. In fact, according to Fast Company, these programs have grown by 191% since 2013.

Are you ready to implement these social media marketing trends in your business, but don’t know where to start? At BG Digital, we provide and implement comprehensive social media strategies to build brand awareness, create a delightful customer service experience, and lead potential customers to your website. Contact me to get started!

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