Why Marketing Directors Still Need an Agency

marketing directors

What areas in your business are hiding behind the word “marketing?” In-house Marketing Directors, may find that their company needs an entire to team to help them execute the marketing and advertising goals. Yet lack the budget to hire extra employees to manage the website, SEO, graphic design, a social media strategy, social media management and live event coverage, search engine marketing, digital display marketing with remarketing, traditional advertising, and content creation. One person could not possibly do all of these jobs at once successfully.

Let’s rethink the job description of Marketing Directors

If you know what you want, who will implement your ideas? If you don’t know where to start, who will guide your direction? A full-service agency acts alongside Marketing Directors, working cohesively with your in-house team and complimenting your existing marketing efforts. Additionally, an agency can provide a third party, unbiased perspective to shed new light on your most stump-worthy marketing and advertising issues.

What are all the pieces of the puzzle that make up our full-service agency?

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team is at your service to make quick and easy updates to your website, keeping your audience well-informed with concise, easy-to-find information. Our team also works hard to ensure your website is search engine optimized to find new potential customers on the web. We also perform site audits that show where your website is ranking with respect to its performance and how it measures up against your competitors. With digital display advertising, pre-roll video advertising and remarketing, BG Digital Group can ensure that your business’ ads are exactly where your customers are online. We can highly target your customers and potential customers with relevant ads and videos. Plus, we can easily update them anytime you wish, keeping your ad campaigns strategic and time sensitive.

Social Media Marketing

With a social media marketing team, you’ll have trained professionals available to create an annual social media strategy, as well as live event promotions around your most important events that help attendees become online promoters. Advertise yourself on a variety of platforms to get the word out about your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. By creating consistently engaging content like blogs, beautiful photography, and videos, we can keep your audience liking and sharing year round.

Additionally, social media serves as your online public relations and customer service department ensuring great reputation management. Why wait for a disgruntled customer or employee to weave a story of who your business is with a one hour interaction when you can control the story 365 days a year? Great social media in the hands of trained reputation management professionals publishes the positive stories and exceptional customer service about your business that all of your customers will experience.

Traditional Marketing

To ensure that you are catching the attention of everyone, traditional marketing is still a viable option but it isn’t simply print advertising. Traditional advertising incorporates television, radio, promotional items, and billboards. Our talented graphic designers and video creative teams are well equipped to create eye-catching billboards, print advertising, commercials and takeaways perfect for conferences, networking events, and more.

Finding a full service agency that works with your team to create the highest quality, most engaging content is essential to amplifying an in-house Marketing Director to the next level. Don’t drown in a sea of marketing tasks because all of this is impossible for one person to handle alone. Utilize the professionals at your fingertips by calling BG Digital Group, or shoot us an email at [email protected]. We’re waiting to answer all of your questions and make marketing that matters for your business.

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