Using Video to Connect With Your Customers

Every business wants to build trust with its customers and when people think of businesses doing videos they usually think of commercials for television or social media videos. Those are great ways to reach customers and share a brand message but what about smaller ways that also build trust.

While many people think the written word is the best way to communicate (you are reading this right now), video can take communication to an entirely new level. It helps you convey true emotions, share authenticity and encourage more engagement from your clients. It helps your brand messaging too, showing that you care enough to send the very best – you!

And on that note, here’s us . . .


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Below are some examples video ideas to help you get started:

Short helpful tips

One of the easiest ways of getting started with video is sharing tips. Simply create 30-60 second tips that you can share on your social media platforms. Video performs well on social media and is actually the preferred choice of medium on many like Facebook and Instagram. Your videos can focus on one of your products, services or problems that you help customers overcome. Here’s one we created a while back.



Tutorial videos

A tutorial or demonstration video can be helpful with products and services that may be harder to understand, need assembly or can help you share a service with your customers. These easy videos are great for helping your customers fully utilize your products, which lead to more customer satisfaction. They are also useful to your customer service team just in case a customer needs help. Here’s one we helped our client, Crab Pot Christmas Trees, create that has had thousands of views to share how to assemble their trees. It’s simple, organic and helpful to their customers.



Welcome videos

Have you ever thought about sending a fun video as a welcome message to your new customers? They add instant connection and show that you are not a robot behind a screen but a real person who will be caring for their needs. You can use a video service like Bonjoro to send a personal greeting to a new customer. All you need is your smartphone! 


Product / service updates

Sometimes you have important product updates or announcements to make to your customers. These are great to share through a blog post or email but also including a video in the messaging provides another way for your audience to learn about your big news. Remember, people would rather watch a video than read a message so why not offer them both options?


Asynchronous communication

This new option is one that is proving very popular, mostly with people who work on a 1:1 basis with their clients. Asynchronous video works with you being able to send back and forth video messages to your customers. Some examples are for coaching, support and even sales. Check out ZipMessage for more details if this sounds like an option that would be beneficial to your business.


We help people create videos for commercials and social media but hopefully these other ideas will open the door to more personal connections with your clients in 2023! In a world that is becoming more and more disconnected, it’s imperative that you find your ways to be engaged with your customers. If you need help with creating videos that connect, reach out so we can help you make marketing that matters.