Showcase Your Brand’s Personality Online

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Maintaining social media accounts for your business is relatively simple, but standing out and showing your brand’s personality online is a little more complicated. In this day and age, it is easy to get lost among the crowd. Maybe your office has unique décor or your staff is made up of amateur comedians, how can you make sure your online presence is reflecting that while remaining professional? BG Digital Group can help!

Ferris Wheel

Blog About It

Blogs are a great resource for all types of industries to use for marketing purposes. Blogs help inform your customers, keep them updated on recent happenings, and allow quick communication, and they allow you to express your personality virtually. Using blogs and other social media are proven to grow businesses. In fact, 95% marketers who use social media for at least 6 hours per week report exposure for the business has increased.

When it comes to portraying your personality, remember “facts tell, but stories sell.” This means that while numbers and statistics are important (and informative), stories are going to get your audience engaged. Write a blog explaining some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of your company or share an anecdote from a recent event you held. Storytelling engages your customers and showcases your brand’s identity among other benefits.

Let’s Get Visual

Content that is accompanied with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images. That means adding visuals to your content is basically mandatory at this point. This can include photos, videos, graphics, and more! Eye-catching images and fascinating videos will cause people to want to find out more. Showcase your staff or snap a shot of your office to add a breath of fresh air into your current social media and marketing efforts. Audiences will respond stronger when they see life beyond the words. Visual content is also a great way to communicate and maintain your brand.

At BG Digital Group, we celebrate the many different personalities of our own staff and those of our diverse client base. Contact us today to let us help create a social media campaign that will allow your businesses’ personality to shine!

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