How to Gain Business with Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Today, everyone has a smart phone in the palm of their hand at all times.  People are checking their phones and emails all the time whether they’re in line at Chipotle or checking out at the grocery store. Access to the Internet is never more than a swipe away. It is now more important than ever to utilize and take full advantage of this resource with email marketing!

Email Marketing


The Basics

Email marketing is simple, direct, and cost effective. It allows companies to reach a large number of consumers at a small rate per message. If your business is on a budget, email marking is a smart choice, as the more traditional mediums like television or direct mail are more costly.

Email marketing is essentially dividing your audience into lists and sending each list a unique message. This allows you to build relationships with prospective, current, and returning customers and gives you a chance to speak directly. This means choosing your message and recipient wisely to ensure that you are not invading their space.

The Proof

According to a recent Neilson study, 27 percent of US online shoppers subscribe emails in order to save money. These subscriptions turns into increased revenue for the company by bringing them to the website.

Whether we realize it or not, email is transactional. No matter if the recipient replies, forwards, clicks through, skims or even deletes an email, all emails require an action. Use this to your full advantage by directing the traffic onto your website, drive up sales, and see results straight away.

Although email may seem like an old strategy, it still proves to be a vital one. Email marketing is relatively easy to launch, so there’s no excuse for business owners not to take advantage of it. Contact BG Digital Group for more information about starting your new email marketing campaign!

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